2018, Art Director

Facebook has lots of tools that help small businesses grow. We showcased local businesses from 4 cities by coming up with an activation for each one. From inception to execution, we tailored everything to the personality of each city.

Nashville: Local Bizfest

Most business owners in Nashville had musical talents so we threw a concert that put all of their talents on stage and gave them the full rock-star treatment. There was a lot of free swag.

San Diego: Pawmaste

San Diego is one of the nation’s most dog friendly cities, so we combined its love of dogs with its love of all things “new age.” The result was “Pawmaste”, San Diego’s first ever doggie wellness retreat.

Sacramento: Tree City Market

Sacramento is “The City of Trees,” so we created an elevated shopping experience like no other – a treehouse mall featuring storefronts for some of the capital’s greenest small businesses. 

Columbus: The Local Businesses on Parade, Parade  

Columbus hosts some pretty rad parades all year long. We helped them celebrate the city’s local businesses by hosting the first ever parade filled with business-inspired floats that the crowd could shop from directly.

Creative Director
Nuno Ferreira

Senior Art Director
Ricky Anolik

Senior Copywriter
Ross Wolinsky

Ivan Whitted

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